10 Life Hacks I learnt as a Woman Entrepreneur

I have been on my entrepreneurial journey for more than a year. As I was looking back on my adventures of the past eighteen months and sifting through all the noise to get to the learning, I realized that this journey has taught me a lot of things — little and big life hacks that has fundamentally transformed the way I look at business and life. Some of these are easier said than done, and I need to remind myself everyday to do it, but some have become an integral part of standard operating procedure for me. I want to share these — with women, men, entrepreneurs and wanna-be-entrepreneurs — hopefully some of these will resonate.

Here they are in no particular order.

1. Really, there are no stupid ideas, only identifying ones that work for you

Tool: An easily accessible idea repository, Mind mapping software

2.Ruthless prioritization followed by precise execution

Tool: Business Process map and a good project management software

3. Understand your strengths and weaknesses — and test your limits

Tool: SWOT, MBTI, Google

MBTI from Myers Briggs was a tool I found super useful to interact with my co-founders and advisors. Forming a new team in a high stress environment is hard, but if you have the instruction manual to a personality type it does help ease the process a little as you understand how to vary your approach based on people.

Google has of course been my guide to the galaxy of tools, techniques and processes that we have had to adopt along the way.

4. Create your own village

Tool: Your friends and family, extended community, connections from the past, network for the future. Advisory board, Linkedin, Facebook, Whatsapp, Ning and so many more.

5. Stay present with personal and situational awareness

Tool: Your senses and your internal radar

Emotional intelligence is a must-have as an entrepreneur and it is all about understanding how all players in a situation respond and adapt. It is important to recognize and trust your instincts and understand spoken and unspoken communication around you. This means getting our heads out of the daily rabbit holes and breathe in be responsive to everything that is happening around us.

6. Finding balance in your life

Tool: Calendar to make time for hobbies, vacations, time with family and friends

7. Find time for others — Karma has a way of seeking you out

Tools: Kindness, empathy and listening skills

8. Ideate. Listen. Observe. Inquire. Learn. Pivot. Repeat.

Tool: Brainstorming techniques, an excellent ring binder note book, periodic review of notes

9. Settle for outcomes — never for values

Tools: Company mission, vision and value statement

Outcomes is one place where I have learnt to compromise though. In situations like ‘Is it more important to have all the features in, or give people time off to have family time ?’ I have learnt about choices we could make and to choose values over outcomes.

10. Find time to center yourself

Tools: mediation, yoga, hobbies

These are my top 10 list of the big and small life hacks I have found useful in my entrepreneurship journey. Hope you will find it useful as well. I would love to hear from you on what have learnt in your journey that I could shamelessly steal.

Founder and CEO of Journyz.com